About Us

Well Met Adventurer

DM Leigh

DM Leigh has been creating and running a homemade D&D setting for the past 4 years, and currently runs an amazing group of adventurers twice a month. He also runs games for conventions, such as DragonCon, and other special events.

  • Dungeon Master 75%
  • Player 10%
  • Painter 15%


DM Brad is a lifelong gamer, has owned a Player’s Handbook since 1983, and believes collaborative story-making is the best part of D&D. Brad currently DM’s for his 9 year old son and plays a Dragonborn Bard in DM Leigh’s campaign.

  • Dungeon Master 40%
  • Player 50%
  • Maker 10%


 is a life-long gamer and avid martial arts fan. He runs campaigns that are always unique and full of unexpected twists. Kyle also plays a character in DM Leigh’s campaign.

  • Dungeon Master 10%
  • Player 60%
  • Performer 30%


A tabletop gamer at heart, Kate was converted to D&D a little over a year ago. She now plays a character in DM Leigh’s campaign in addition to DM’ing a ladies group of her own.

  • Dungeon Master 40%
  • Player 50%
  • Mom 10%


Joe and his amazing beard have years of experience in RPGs, plus they play a character in DM Leigh’s campaign. Something about running games at Dragon Con.

  • Dungeon Master 30%
  • Player 50%
  • Maker 20%

We play Dungeons & Dragons together in a home game with three other friends. It’s a homebrew world where the stakes are high for our adventurers. Learn more about Outer World by clicking over to our World Anvil site.