Ep. 105 Interview – Gabe

This week Gabe, aka GabeJamesGames, joins us to talk about all of the awesome things he has going on. Including games, cosplays, kickstarters, and much more!

Ep. 104 System – Meghan Lynn FTW

This week, Meghan returns to us to walk us through a few games that she has written. We talk through some single player games, two player games, gmless stuff, and tangents!

Ep. 102 Interview – Talon and Claw

This week, Joe and Leigh talk with Anthony of Talon and Claw. We discuss their custom wood dice vaults, rolling trays, dungeon master screens, and much more!

Ep. 95 Systems – GMless Games

This week, Leigh and Joe are joined again with Meghan.We talk about Dialect and For the Queen, gmless and prepless games that have deep impacts yet are as simple as just picking up and playing.

Ep. 93 Interview – Dark Fortunes

This week Leigh is joined by Mike from unMadeGaming to talk about their new podcast Dark Fortunes. A D&D 5e actual play podcast featuring the Humblewood setting, but with pirates!

Ep. 91 Systems – Gumshoe

This week, Leigh and Joe and joined again by Toby from RPG Logic to talk about the Gumshoe system. We cover the overall system, all of the settings available within, character creation and more.

Ep. 85 Interview – RPG Hour

This week, Leigh and Joe talk with Mr RPG Hour about their podcast and thee future that they want to bring to the community.

Ep. 83 Systems – Through the Breach

This week, Alex joins us to talk about Through the Breach from Wyrd Games. We run though the setting, game play, the world, character creation, and so much more!

Ep. 82 Interview – Flipping the Table

This week Leigh is joined by Gabe, Julia, and Nick to talk about their podcast and streams. We go through their homebrew world, all of the stories within, and much more!

Ep. 81 Classes – Druid

This week, Leigh and Joe are joined by Aras Sivad to talk about Druids! From a rundown of each circle, to wild shape, no metal, and much more.

Ep. 78 Classes – Warlock

This week, Leigh and Joe are joined by Meghan to talk about Warlocks! From their patrons, to evocations, technical, and narrative aspects. We explore the class!

Ep. 77 Interview – Chords of Fate

This week, James is met by the most special of special guests Joe and Leigh. They talk about their upcoming podcast Chords of Fate, which will launch November 1st, 2019. It will most probably definitely really really likely to be the best real play D&D podcast...

Ep. 76 Kickstarter – The Nuadan Chronicles

This week, Joe and Leigh talk with Brooke and Jason of Broken Dice about their new kickstarter, The Nuadan Chronicles. The Nuadan Chronicles is an electro fantasy RPG set in the post-post-apocalyptic world of Nuada, a place of ephemeral magic, electric-powered steam...

Ep. 75 Systems – Resistance

This week, Joe and Leigh are joined by Meghan to talk about the Resistance system and the Spire setting. This d10 system is a simple easy to use and learn, with an awesome setting along side

Ep. 73 Campaign Stories – The Marc Views

This week Leigh and Joe talk with Marc in Campaign Stories!Marc talks about his pure hearted half-elf bard, his druid, and give us a view into his upcoming homebrew world.

Ep. 72 Round Table – Planar Tavel

This week, Joe and Leigh talk about inner and outer planar travel. We discuss jumping from one world to another, quick traveling within your world, and just some random off the wall thoughts along the way.

Ep. 71 Conventions – Dragon Con 2019

This week, Joe and Leigh talk about Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA. We go over everything from what Dragon Con is, to schedules, panels, vendors and more. We also hear from other Dragon Con attendees about what dragon con is to them.

Ep. 70 Systems – Session 0

This week, Joe and Leigh talk about all things Session 0. While not a system in its own right, a very important topic that we feel is a great way to start every campaign, no matter the system.

Ep. 69 Review – Young Adventurer’s Guide

This week, we are joined again by Brad and Logan to talk about the Young Adventurer's Guide books from Wizards of the Coast. We discuss both Monsters & Creatures as well as Warriors & Weapons. Two fantastic books that we feel are for more than just your young...

Ep. 67 Campaign Planning – A turning point

This week, Leigh walks us through his ramblings of continuing with his homebrew campaign. Focusing on incorporating back story, pulling on deals the players have made, and how to get the players to say what they want to do in game.

Ep. 66 Systems – Tales from the Loop

This week Leigh and Joe are joined again by Gnome to talk about Tales from the Loop. An 80s inspired Scifi RPG played as a group of kids trying to save the world.

Ep. 65 Review – Essentials Kit

This week we are joined by Brad and Logan to talk about the new Essentials Kit from Wizards of the Coast. They talk us through the adventure, new sidekicks, items, monsters, and much more.

Ep. 65 Round Table – Downtime

This week, the Mage Productions crew talks about downtime activites! From leveling, to crafting, and a few other rants along the way

Ep. 63 Interview – Gnome

This week, Joe and Leigh talk with Gnome. We talk about the the projects Gnome is apart of, being inclusive with your games, and much more!

Ep. 60 Interview – Ben of Murder Dice

This week, Joe talks with Ben of season two of the Murder Dice podcast. We talk about the new homebrew world they will be playing in, DMing for entertainment, bringing in rules from past editions and much more!

Ep. 59 Kickstarter – Creature Curation

This week, Joe and Leigh talk with Brian of Creature Curation. Brian talks the upcoming World of Revilo Kickstarter, this world he has build, products that will be available, monsters, playable races, and so much more

Ep. 58 Systems – Red Markets

This week Leigh and Joe are joined by Laura B to talk about Red Markets. An RPG that is all about about economic horror, and zombies.

Ep. 57 Campaign Stories – Brooke pt 1

This week Leigh and Joe talk with Brooke in Campaign Stories! She talks with us about her very manly dwarf with a lovely smelling beard, a cleric with too many spells, and the worst wedding ever.

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