Custom Miniature Painting

Custom painted miniatures to bring your characters to life.

Mail your miniature to the address received with this purchase.

Be sure to include answers to the questions in the product description.



Give us a detailed description of what you would like, and leave the rest to us. We will provide regular updates to ensure we are keeping with what you are envisioning and happy with the final result.

Be sure to include answers to these questions…

  1. Which specific colors for armor, clothing, weapons, and other accessories?
  2. What skin tone, hair color, eye color do they have?
  3. Any other notable features for your miniature you would like included?

Additional information

Option 1

Provide the miniature you would like painted and once it is received we will contact you to confirm painting details.

Option 2

For an additional cost, we will hunt for you. Based on your description we will find the miniature that best fits your needs and confirm painting details.


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