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The Genie’s Playground


This one shot adventure is crafted to be placed in any setting at any time, and can easily be alters to fit a range of player level.

The Genie’s Playground has over 120 hours of playtesting, and has seen over 160 different adventurers roam through its halls.

Are you ready to play in The Genie’s Playground?



You find yourself in a room with five doors. The room is plated in gold, and each door appears to be crafted from a different element.

The first door is made of molten rock and fire,

the second consisting of moss and strange fungi,

the third door is a solid pane of rushing water,

the fourth a swirl of wind and dust,

the final door is rotting flesh and bone.

Around the top of the room is written, ‘The elements beyond are ours to play with’. The text appears to be changing languages, you see Common, Dwarven, Elven, and many others.

An ambient voice fills the room, “Welcome adventurers. Welcome to our playground. Your test is yours to choose. Choose wisely, however, as each choice has grave consequences.”


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